1. Car accidents suck. Now that I drive to and from work in some of the worst traffic in the area I had a feeling that an accident would be inevitable. And so it was.  I was headed to the gym after work last night and suddenly BAM, right into the car in front of me hard enough to smash up both cars and have the airbags deploy. It also caused the guy I hit to hit the car in front of him. Not to mention that he ended up hitting his head and going to the hospital. One ticket and an hour in the rain later, I was home in tears. Aside from some neck pain today, I'm physically okay. I called the insurance company from the scene last night and I have an appointment scheduled with a collision center for Saturday morning. All necessary steps but nothing that is making me feel any better about it actually happening. At least now, barring any other disaster, I know what my low moment for the week is.

2. Between car accidents and persuasive park rangers, I haven't gotten in a run since Sunday's 5k. I don't know when I'll get to run again, as it certainly isn't happening today. I don't have a vehicle to get me to the gym and by the time I get out of work it is too dark to run safely. I was just getting back into a groove and looking forward to this basebuilding period. I know that there is plenty of time before my next significant race but I wanted to get back to the track by the end of the month and that doesn't seem possible now. I definitely need to regroup and see what I can do until this mess resolves itself. The silver lining of no car is that I happen to be traveling for the next two weeks due to work and won't need the car to get around.

3. I broke down and created a Facebook page for this blog, so please take a moment to "like" me!  I'm also 1 follower away from hitting 50, so tell your friends! I'm hoping that a combination of Facebook and word of mouth will really boost the number of people that stop by and listen to me ramble. I'd love to hear from current followers about what they do and don't like about my blog, what they'd like to see more of, what they like about their other favorite blogs, etc. I can easily get into a rut doing this and rely a little too much on the themed posts rather than trying to have an original thought. I know more variety will come as I get further into training and racing but I still want to keep things fresh and interesting.

Happy almost Friday everyone! Today WILL be better than yesterday. It just has to be.