Honestly, it was probably inevitable.

The workout started fine. Cold, but fine. 800m warmup, plans for 6-8 800s with 400m recovery. The warm up was fine, and the drills and strides before the first 800 were okay too. By the end of the first 800, however, something wasn't right.  I was three seconds off my target pace, which isn't bad for the first interval. The problem was that I already felt tired. My turnover was poor, I couldn't engage my hamstrings, and my shins were aching.

The second and third repeats were each an additional 2-3 seconds slower then the one before it and the shin pain was worse. I'd had a tough run the morning before but I was trying to convince myself that it was because I'd taken four days off in a row and am struggling to get back into a routine.  And that is part of the truth. But the real culprit, at least for now, is my damn shoes. My beloved Kinvaras. As soon as I put my new pair on last week, they didn't feel right. Not like the prior pair, which I loved and ran MCM in.

These didn't hug my arch and had no cushioning. I had similar calf and shin pain last week when I ran in them but I thought it was a lack of stretching or being out of shape or anything else. I just didn't want to have to return my pretty pretty shoes. It looks like I have no choice, especially once Coach George basically told me they were a piece of crap.  Not that it mattered, because I was already upset about QUITTING on the workout. So I wandered up and down the final 100 meters of track, crying about being fat, slow, and a quitter. Usually I can leave my shit on the track and power through, but not today.

All in all a pretty bad start to my morning. I'm going to return the shoes tonight on my way home, going back to my old Triumphs. I'm not sure what I'll race in on Sunday, my old dead Kinvaras or new Triumphs. I like a little time to get comfortable in a new pair of shoes before I race in them, so it is a tough call. Although to be honest, I won't really be racing this Sunday. I'm in no shape to do more than treat it as a long run and practice for the 1/2 I have coming up in 5 weeks. I just want it to be over with and I hate going into a race with that feeling. Being under-trained sucks, especially when it is no one's fault but your own.

I'm going to go back to eating my feelings now. You may carry on with the rest of your day. Thanks for stopping by. Obviously, advice and words of encouragement are always welcome. Oh! And thanks to Cris and others on the track this morning for their kind words as I trudged along. It was much appreciated.