Or we could call this post "peeking out from under my rock."  Either way, here we go.

1) GOTR coaching is going pretty well. We've only had two practices so far and I really like the group of girls that we have. There are only 10 of them and 4 of us coaches, so I think we have excellent crowd control. I led practice today, for the first time, and I was really nervous. It went pretty smoothly and the girls were all smiles, so I'll call that a win. I'm looking forward to when we get into more of a groove with the coaching and creating closer bonds with the girls. I got my first little 3rd grader hug today and it just melted my heart. We definitely have some athletes in our group and I hope they inspire the other girls to keep on trying. Come race day it might be hard for me to keep up!

2) Have I been running? Wha? Huh? Well, sort of. I did 5 miles the Saturday before last with my sister and BIL. The pace was definitely slow but what I needed to get through it. And...then I didn't run again until last night. Oy my training is a hot mess. I have Rock and Roll DC this weekend, but just the 1/2 marathon relay, so I'm only slightly scared to do it. Bigger demons are looming, with Cherry Blossom about 3 weeks away and my next 1/2 just 7 weeks away. The sooner I get back into a groove, the better. I'm making some significant life changes right now and I'm hoping that my training and motivation will be one of the first things to be impacted. I definitely miss the excitement I felt at the end of last year into early this year, thinking about my crazy race schedule and the related time goals I wanted to hit. Right now I mostly feel fear but I'm working on it.
3) Don't let me handle your finances. Between a few band gigs and some concert tickets I sold, I had some cash burning a hole in my pocket. Credit card payment,  you say? Save for the gardaute school you got accepted to for the fall, you say? Sounds too practical. Enter my latest investment. Sigh. She's pretty and not at all my style. But she's mine now. Oops.

 Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend and please have a SAFE St Patricks day!