Hey there! Marathon training season is officially upon us! There were some unforeseen circumstances that have caused me to start training a month later than originally planned but I'm finally starting to log some slow miles.  I'm even remembering that running can be fun. The temperature has not been cooperating by any stretch of the imagination but that is par for the course.  The sooner I adjust to the VA summer, the better I'm going to be.  Suddenly waking up at 5 to run doesn't sound so bad.

I finished my longest run since May this past weekend, ten miles, and actually felt pretty good at the end of it. I didn't think I could finish but Vietnamese #1 told me to go big or go home, so I went big and it paid off. I'm really glad that I didn't give up and being able to finish ten miles makes me feel more confident about the rest of my training.  Right now I'm only getting out twice a week but this is going to change in short order.

Once I stop wandering around with my tail between my legs, I'll also return to the track. I'm missing crucial hill workouts right now but I know I'm in no condition to tackle them and I just need to accept it. If I get into a running groove in the next few weeks I will be brave and go back. I do miss getting my ass handed to me by the CAR kids...

Four sweaty miles this morning with another four planned for Wednesday.  As was the case at this time last summer, hydration is my nemesis.  I'm just not taking in enough fluids over the course of the day and the end results are really poor runs. I can imagine the lecture from George right now. He's really been harping on this and for good reason.  I should have this sorted out soon, but welcome any tips for how to get those crucial fluids in. I love water, but I don't always remember to consistently drink.  Nuun is a nice way to mix it up but again, I just don't remember or feel the urge to drink.

My race plan has been tweaked a bit to accommodate recent events but I'm mostly okay with it. I was forced to miss the Virginia Wine Country 1/2 and the $110 I spent on entry, but I made sure the bib didn't go to waste. Same goes for the Capital Hill Classic 10k. On the upside, Ragnar is still on! I'm in the lottery for the Virginia Happy Trails 1/2 in September and there are several other races in the fall that are a sure thing. I don't have anything set for July or August, but those are crucial marathon training months (aside from the fact that racing in those months is almost intolerable).

What is your favorite way to beat the heat?  I tend to resort to morning runs, although I have a perfectly good gym membership that has been going to waste lately. I've missed updating here and I'll be doing so much more often as I gear up for marathon number 2. All the love and support I received here last year while training for MCM was priceless, so thank you.  Stay cool, run safe, and we'll talk again soon!