And then walking away for well over a year.

I've had a post started, either in my head or on this computer, for months. The more time that passes the more I struggle with what to write. So much can happen in fifteen months time, both as an athlete and in my everyday life. At some point I had to accept that recapping that block of time is just not possible. Nor does it have to be.

All of the experiences I had during that time have and will continue to influence each day of my life going forward. As the pieces come together I am sure that stories from those missing months will make their way onto this page. Frankly, sitting here spinning my wheels and hemming and hawing about what to say just wastes my time. As an expert in wasting my own time, I can't continue to encourage such useless behavior.

So. July 2014. Almost August, actually. How time can simultaneously fly by and drag its heels, I have no idea. Right now I'm trying to get lingering tendonitis in my left calf/ankle/foot to GTFO so I can train the way my body wants and needs to. Best guess is posterior tibial tendonitis, but the label is less important than the treatment. For a few different reasons I am currently treating it myself. Treating is probably too strong a word since I have no medical skills to speak of. Rather, I am acting on the advice of medical professionals to do what I can on my own to heal, become stronger, and get back out there.

This is a conglomeration of things. Rest. Stretch. Drill. CROSSTRAIN. And because nothing exists in a vacuum, I am also working on nutrition, motivation, and mental toughness. An injury is a 24/7 exercise in mental toughness, for sure. Being able to control the controllables and letting go of the rest is crucial. It helps eliminate background noise and clarifies what I really to focus on. A narrowed focus also helps with motivation, no question. Adios extraneous crap! Don't let my foot kick you in the ass on the way out!

I'll get more specific in posts to come. Workout recaps. Introductions of awesome people (big and small!) that rock my socks. Race goals. All that good stuff. For now, I'll just brush off the dust and say hi! Or, welcome! Or, thanks for staying/returning! I missed you.