I was going to write a quick update on how my non-active life has been going, when suddenly a post from this chica showed up in my feed. Excellent. I am outright stealing this idea and making it a list of the non-running things that rock my socks these days. Update + fun - pity party = everybody wins.

1) Sitting on my patio because I CAN!

There have been a few warm days recently that have allowed me to air out the apartment and sit outside on my patio. Maybe read. Maybe enjoy a seasonal brew. Maybe watch my cats while they steal my chair and try to chase birds. All those things. Getting be to outside in the sun. Happiness.

2) Messing around in the kitchen

With apologies to MS, I've been spending some of this new free time creating more dirty dishes than I already do. I love cooking and baking but I don't do it as much when I am training consistently. Post-workout meals usually involve the first thing I can put in my mouth, so the joy of preparing food (picking a recipe, prepping, the intention set when I cook, the lack of frenzy to get to the final product) fades away. I've been on a roasted vegetable kick and making fresh batches of these to try different flavor combinations. I don't tend to plan ahead when I get the urge to cook, so I hope that I have the necessary ingredients in the house or I wing it if I think I have suitable substitutions. Either way, fun!

3) Working through my Goodreads/library book wish list

Since early January MS and I have been conducting an experiment of sorts with the concept of e-readers. I really love have a book in my hands, but I am picky about what books I buy (only ones I know I'll read again) and traditional library access is hit or miss. Enter MS's new iPad mini provided by his office. I downloaded the Kindle app and synced my library's e-book catalog. I am pleasantly surprised with how much I've enjoyed using it and how often (except when MS takes it on work travel with him. Rude). My library has a great selection of e-books and multiple copies so even placing a hold isn't a big deal. I've got a wish list on the library account as well as a few books downloaded to read at one time. I've read a lot more because of this and I've saved money too. Here is what I've gotten through recently/currently reading/on my to read list:

I think procuring an e-reader of my own is in the near future.

These are my three favorite things right now, and I hope to find more in the coming weeks.

Anything I should add to the list above?  What is a favorite of yours right now?