Due in large part to your overwhelming (read: nonexistent) response to my Would You Rather post last week, I am bringing you another survey of sorts. You're welcome. Actually, you can thank Sam again over at Mobile Bay Runner.   

Current books: Sam listed this as Book singular, but I am never reading just one so I'm sharing the active reading list. In no particular order: The New Interpreter's Study Bible (I went way out of my comfort zone and joined a 32 week long small group bible study at my church. So we're working our way through the workbook with this study bible. It's a lot of reading); Leviathan Wakes by James A. Corey (sci-fi space stuff, which I don't normally read but came highly recommended from a friend whose opinion I trust); The Journey Home by Jorge Posada (my favorite Yankee); and It Is Well by James D. Shipman (I haven't actually started it yet, but it was free from Prime and sounded interesting, so I snagged it). 

Current podcast: This was originally called Current Music, but I changed it to podcast since I find myself listening to podcasts in the car more often than music these days. My top three are: Outside Podcast (from Outside magazine), The West Wing Weekly, and Ultrarunner Podcast. I listen to a few others, but these three are consistently awesome and I am always excited to see a new episode show up on my phone. 

Current guilty pleasure: I honestly can't think of anything. The idea of a guilty pleasure reminds me of reading bad romance novels or trashy magazines, chick lit (or shit lit, as I prefer to call it), watching reality tv (hard pass), or eating some kind of junk food in secret. I do none of those things. Not to say that I don't indulge in something that I'm supposed to feel bad about (because that is what a guilty pleasure is, right?), but I can't think of something that I'm not already open about or that I just don't consider a guilty pleasure. 

Current drink: Sparkling water. I cut out diet soda about a year ago and haven't looked back. It didn't take long for me to adjust to the lack of sweetness and I love all the fun flavors out there. Adding a Nuun tab now and then is also a great way to perk up your post work-out beverage. Feeling super fancy? Drink it over ice out of a big wine glass. 

Current food: I'm gazing longingly to my right where a small Reese's peanut butter pumpkin sits. Staring at me. Waiting to fulfill its destiny. I don't buy stuff like this and keep it in the house, but they were in a meeting yesterday and I might have snagged one to snack on later. Later being now. 

Hello, gorgeous.

Hello, gorgeous.

Current obsession: The word obsession makes me twitchy. Blame my occupational field, but I am not a big fan of its use in most contexts. I digress. I currently fuss excessively over the ridiculous costume that my cat will be wearing on Halloween. Yes, I put clothes on cats. I am not sorry.

Current craving:  I feel like I should mention a food here, but I'm not craving anything. What I'd really love right now is a few days away from work and home and second work and training to sit down and get my head straight. I feel like I'm approaching some kind of crossroads or turning point or fork (or whatever metaphor for change) that needs more attention than I can give it right now. Every day I say I'll sit down later tonight and take a few minutes to really think/write/talk/whatever. And then I get home and hit the couch/floor/bed/bathtub and decide I'm too tired for things like this that deserve my energy more than anything else. Culture of busy, much?

Current need: A period of time longer than 5 minutes wherein I do not cough. Seriously. I'm over this coughing/sore throat business. I feel bad for my co-workers who have to suffer through it. Coughers and nose blowers and snifflers grate on my last nerve, so I can only imagine how much I'm annoying others. My physical presence was required in the office for the first three days of the week, otherwise I would have continued to work from home. I'm not germy contagious (that is another level of office rudeness), I just have a cough that WON'T DIE. 

Current indulgence: I am slowly working on not considering this an indulgence and making it a necessity, but for now it feels extravagant (or selfish). I am in bed before 10 pm most nights. Sleep is one of those things we all say we need more of, is an easy thing to fix (no really, it is), and is often the first thing we sacrifice on the altar of Busy. 

Current bane of my existence: This election cycle.

Current procrastination: Just one? An overdue reformatting of a document that I need to turn in but have not because I cannot stand formatting Word documents. Especially when I'll never use the document, formatted in that way, ever again. 

Current confession: I'm capitalizing on my sore throat situation to eat as much ice cream as possible. Sorry not sorry. 

My favorite flavor!

My favorite flavor!

Current quote: "Laugh, smile, and keep moving forward." - David Roche

Current excitement: I'm heading to NC the first weekend of November to meet my bestie's adorable baby and run with some of my favorite Oiselle ladies! SO PUMPED.

Current mood: A consistent blend of tired, overwhelmed, and distracted.

Your turn. Tell me one thing about your #CurrentStatus!