My love of running is what motivated me to start this blog. I am blessed to say that running has touched my life in so many ways and I am humbled to know that I've played a small part in running blossoming in the lives of those I love. 

I have always felt the need to do Something. Capital S intended. Or be Somebody. But the reality is that not everyone is going to end up being Somebody or doing Something. At least not in the grand scheme of things. I'm not going to invent something, cure something, discover something. But I'm going love strong, try hard, be kind, and be grateful. 

Those little things are choices I make every day. For me, these little things are an attempt to be the change I wish to see. To be the best version of me. If I spend one more minute thinking about doing Something I am going to miss out on the chance to do all those things. With that in mind, I've started trying to pay it forward. 

As a recent graduate and newly employed grownup, I can't hide cash all over Northern Virginia and send people on a scavenger hunt. What I can do is help someone start their day with a smile. I think Wednesdays might be the toughest day of the work week and I know that sometimes a cup of coffee of all that stands between me and felon assault charges. So, on my weekly pilgrimage to the local coffee shop I place my order and then tell the person behind me to place theirs as well. 

Is isn't a big deal. At all. And I'm not adding this page to the blog because I want to seem like the nicest person in the history of ever. Because I'm not. I'm still snarky and crabby and impatient. But when I get out of my own head long enough to encourage someone else to get out of theirs, magic happens. I've only been doing this pay it forward thing for a few weeks, but it is already the best part of my week. Last week a young lady was so surprised she asked if she could hug me (of course she can!) and this week the man I treated immediately turned to the person behind him and did the same. 

THAT is what I'm hoping for. Guerrilla kindness. Right now it is a cup of coffee. As my creativity (and my bank account) continue to grow I hope to turn this into much more. I'd also love to hear from anyone else that is doing something similar. Tell me what you do and tell me where you're from. One by one, world domination, through kindness (and coffee).