Welcome to this week's edition of high-low. Unlike last week I don't think I'll have any trouble picking out the winners.

High workout: Thursday night's easy 3 miler. It was the shortest run of the week but it was also the run where I felt the lightest on my feet. I was running with a friend who'd taken some time off, so the pace was slower than usual but I didn't mind. It just felt good to be out there, my legs felt loose and I wanted to keep going. I like those kinds of runs, they really make up for the ones where nothing seems to be coming together.

Low workout: Monday's 3 miler. The other shorter run of the week. Nothing was coming together. My calves were like rocks and the slightest roller had me huffing and puffing all the way up. Two days after a 4 mile PR and I can't manage a slow 3? Running is a fickle mistress indeed.

High emotional moment: If you've been paying attention you know that I don't usually speak of my job and good things in the same sentence. Not surprisingly, my job is also the source of the low emotional moment of the week, but good things first. I'd been feeling out of sorts for several weeks now, unsure of my capabilities and whether the company was still enthusiastic to have hired me. I don't thing I've been given sufficient training nor been given chances to prove myself. Among many other things. At any rate, out of the blue, one of the managers IMed me and asked if I was free to go to the San Fran office for a week to help out. San Fran?! For a week?! YES! I know it doesn't seem like much but this is the first offer for travel I've had since I've been with the company and it is a chance to get to know my team better as well as prove that I can be an asset. I'm anxious, but I'm really excited. I need something good to happen at the office, and soon.

Low emotional moment: Oh, work. Within the same span of hours that I was asked to San Fran, I was also in tears on the phone with a managing partner of my group. Long and short of it, I reached out to a co-worker who is also new and we'd been comparing notes about experiences and commiserating and generally exchanging advice on how to keep on keeping on. Apparently he was concerned about me and what he saw as a total lack of support and took it upon himself to "confidentially" talk to someone he knew in the NY office. From there it managed to skip up five levels above where it ever needed to go, reaching the managing partner on a train coming back to DC. One awkward conversation later, we're scheduled to meet for lunch Monday to talk. I'm dreading it and I'm really cross with the co-worker who betrayed my trust. He feels terrible about it, granted. But it gives me a stomach ache just thinking about having this discussion. I need to gather my thoughts between now and then and pray that I can get through it without crying. Unfortunately, that isn't likely. Tres professional.

After a run this morning and a frustrating GRE studying experience, I stepped out into the balmy temperatures and over to the local froyo shop for some sweet relief. A blend of Oreo and Coffee flavors topped with almonds, coconut, and chocolate chips. I have a 5k tomorrow and a girl needs to fuel up, right? Right.....