1. If all goes to plan, I'll have run 4 times this week. Small victory.

2. I caved and made an appt with a chiropractor for some ART.

3. I can't wait until my long runs consist of more than 4 miles.

4. I signed up for a 5k in Manassas on Sunday morning for no good reason at all.

5. Did I mention I have to get up in time to be in MANASSAS? On a Sunday!

6. I've been doing a 7 day detox of sorts and I feel really good.

7. Sleeping until 8:45 when you wanted to be at your desk by 8:30 is a Friday fail.

8. I'm jealous of all the Disney runners and wish them tons of luck this weekend.

9. So far my sister and I have raised $75 for our charity relay. Please donate.

10. I hate peas.

11. Re-learning high school math after 12 years for the GRE is painful.

12. "Because I'm the shit" is not the proper start to a graduate admissions essay.

13. I've done more damage to my car in the past two months than I have since I've owned it.

14. I want to get out of debt but I keep online shopping. I need an intervention.

15. I've resorted to planning out my weekend activities in a spreadsheet.

16. I might get to spend a week in San Fran for work. SQUEEE!

17. My sunburn from FL is already peeling. I look like a leper.

18. Until last night I'd forgotten how much I actually enjoy running in cold weather.

19. I wish I wasn't afraid to run on my local trails alone.

20. I still haven't taken down my Christmas tree. Deal with it.