The New Year just marches on, doesn't it? The audacity of time. Today wasn't the best but I was anticipating that so we're good.

1. My legs needed a break from running but my body needed to keep moving so I decided to try that "cross-training" business I keep hearing so much about. He he he. 15 miles on the bike in just over 46 minutes, level 10, random hill program, averaging a little over 19 mph. It wasn't nearly the same sweat factor or calorie burn that I get from running (I know, try harder) but I'll take it. Tomorrow is a rest day solely because I have work and then band practice until the wee hours.

2. My sister and I are running the 1/2 Marathon Relay at the Sun Trust Rock N Roll DC party in March of this year on behalf of a fantastic charity, Back on My Feet.  If you aren't familiar with what they do, please go educate yourself. Once you're educated take a minute to consider supporting us in pursuit of our fundraising goal.  We are only required to reach a total of $350 but I know we can do more than that. HERE is the link to our "fundracing" site, and I'll be posting periodic requests for donations as well as updates on our progress.  I don't know which leg of the delay I'm running but I want our total time to break 2 hours. I think we can do it!

3. To support one of my goals for 2012 I bought a scale online last night. Until it gets here I'll be weighing in at the gym, which I did tonight.  It was......unpleasant and somewhat unexpected. I knew that things weren't right. I knew I had gained. I just wasn't expecting THAT. But, it is what it is. I did this to myself and now I'm dealing with it. I'll weigh in again as soon as the new scale arrives, it is a bit fancier than the gym scale (hopefully more accurate) and can also do body fat and water calculations. Allegedly. I haven't owned a scale in a few years, and with fairly good reason. It definitely ties into the disordered eating patterns that I've had and continue to have, so this new scale will come with rules about its use. I want to stay sane in 2012.

Have you done a charity race before? Do you have any suggestions for fundraising? Can anyone suggest a good bike workout at the gym? If you have or have had a contentious relationship with your scale, how did you get past it?