Today is Day 1 of Army Ten Miler training. I will be spending it on the couch in my jammies with NyQuil and lots of veggies. I spent a good chunk of today debating with myself about doing the workout on my calendar. Written on paper, in ink. And highlighted. Sure, I'm sneezing and coughing and can't breathe through my nose. Sure, it is 90 degrees out at 6 pm. But...running. Training. My pre-injury life almost back within my grasp.....sigh.

If I hadn't just spent the past six months of my life riding a couch, stuffing my face, and spending too much of my PTO on doctor's appointments, I would be outside running right now. The thought combination of "my leg feels fine" and "I breathe through my mouth when I run anyway" would have gotten the best of me. The run, if I got through it, would have been mediocre at best. I probably would have extended this cold by a day or more by putting additional stress on my body. Tomorrow's run would probably be crap too. String a couple of crap runs together and your mind will start you use them against you. Perfect way to kick off a training cycle, right?

Not this time. This season of injury has taught and continues to teach me invaluable lessons. Today's is remembering that rest is just as important as any other piece of a training program, even if it is unscheduled. That training programs are not written in stone. That the little voice in your head telling you that you suck is a damn dirty liar. That the true benefit of making good choices today will make itself known on race morning. Look at me, growing.

With that said, I'm off to eat said veggies in the aforementioned jammies on my preferred couch with a purring cat. Having a cold still sucks. Being confident that I made the best choice for my body does not. Only took me 30+ years to figure that out.