Just about a month ago I was contacted by the crazy-cool peeps at The Mustache Dache. If you haven't heard of their race series before, you are hearing about it right now.

It is the world's biggest mustache-themed running series. Aside from the obvious awesomeness of their theme, The Mustache Dache has a bigger purpose: raising funds and awareness of men's health issues (in particular: prostate/testicular cancer and mental health). I doubt that anyone today can say that their lives have not been touched in some way by either cancer or mental illness.

In the unlikely event that you have no experience with either, here are a few quick facts:

  • 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. 1 in 2. 
  • 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.
  • Risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer increases with age. 
  • Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 15-35. 
  • 1 in 4 adults in the United States will experience a mental health problem in a given year.
  • Men in the United States are 4 times as likely to die by suicide than women.
No, I am not trying to bring you down. I am trying to make these issues real to you, as both have hit home for me. What can you do to help change those stats for the better? Run The Mustache Dache.

Events like this running series bring public attention to men's health issues. Men's cancers and mental illness are both difficult to talk about and The Mustache Dache provides a way open a conversation in a relaxed environment. A portion of the registration fees are donated to men's health charities and all registrants are given the opportunity to make an additional donation during the registration process. 

The Mustache Dache is being held in 16 cities across the country and also offers a virtual option. The virtual race is a 5k that will take place over Thanksgiving weekend. The folks at the Dache have given me a promo code just for my readers that will give you 10% off the registration fee. Participants get a sweet shirt and a medal. If you are a kid 12 or under you get a CAPE. I might have to be 12 or under for this one because capes are sweet. 

Here is your code: FALLDOWNGETUP and here is a direct link with the discount applied, if that works better for you: https://mustachedache-virtual-run.eventbrite.com/?discount=FALLDOWNGETUP

I am absolutely participating in this event, and I know that MS will be too. I have a strong suspicion that my sister will register Boo so he can get his sweet cape. Right, Sister? Let me know in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you are registered. Lots of time to make a sweet outfit and get your friends or family on board as well!