Among other features that I hope to add to the blog, here is a recap of my training. My paper training log is Monday-Sunday and my online log where Coach K sets the schedule runs Sunday-Saturday. I prefer Monday-Sunday, so that is how I will update you all here. Along with the all the good, bad, and ugly that goes along with it. 

Monday Scheduled: optional short walk or spin, 3 sets of strength
Monday Actual: easy spin to get the blood going, 3 sets of strength. 

Tuesday Scheduled: regular warmup, EZ 3 mile run, hip strength
Tuesday Actual: abbreviated warmup, EZ 2.7 mile run, hip strength
Notes: attempted a lunch break run at the office, had to cut the distance in order to shower and be back at my desk in time for a meeting. 

Wednesday Scheduled: regular warmup, EZ1, 8x400 w 400 recovery, EZ1
Wednesday Actual: regular warmup, EZ1, 6x400 w 400 recovery, EZ1. 
Notes: form started to breakdown and shins ache on 6th repeat. shut it down.

What 6 am at the track looks like

What 6 am at the track looks like

Thursday Scheduled: regular warmup, EZ 3 mile run, 3 sets of strength
Thursday Actual: hour-long run eval at clinic
Notes: felt tired and a bit beat up after the eval, so pushed most of the workout to Friday

Friday Scheduled: optional EZ spin, Core X (plus missed workout from Thursday)
Friday Actual: EZ 2 mile run, Core X
Notes: lower legs shut down early and I finally called it at 2 miles. blew off strength

Friday night's view, ruined by my legs

Friday night's view, ruined by my legs

Saturday Scheduled: regular warmup, EZ 3 mile run, 3 sets of strength
Saturday Actual: 20 minute spin to get loose, EZ 3.2 mile run, 3 sets of strength
Notes: although I know this already, again a solid warmup and foam rolling pre-run made a big difference in today's run compared to Friday. 

Sunday Scheduled: regular warmup, EZ 7 mile run with option for up to 3 more
Sunday Actual: 10 minute spin, 3.6 mile run
Notes: lower legs tight within the first mile and never let up. Walk breaks and stretching on the way back to the car. 

Mileage total: 22-25 miles (planned) 16.5 miles (actual)

Looking forward to this coming week. PT scheduled for Tuesday morning, 27 miles of running on the schedule. Crossing all the things that it goes well. I plan to focus on doing whatever is necessary to warmup and cooldown well, foam rolling and stretching included, so that I can get every single mile in. I know what I need to do and yet I don't always do it. I make other things on my schedule a higher priority, cutting corners or skipping the small but critical pieces. I always pay for it and I am in complete control of putting an end to it. 

How was your week? Did you get it all done? Any questions on my schedule? What do you have coming up this week?