This post comes to you courtesy of Beth at Shut Up And Run. I'm working from home today, with a blizzard forecasted to bury us for the next few days. I have another post cooking in my brain but it involves more reflection than I am capable of right now. So, you can enjoy this while I get my thoughts collected. 

Time and Place: 9:39 in the morning. Living room coffee table. Coffee and onesie? Check. 

Cooking: Impending snow = comfort foods. I am 100% certain that there will be grilled cheese and tomato soup happening. 

Awaiting: Um...I don't think I'm waiting on much. Aside from my yearly employee review at work. Always a good time. 

Experiencing: Anxiety from my To Do list. I'd say there are not enough hours in the day, but the truth is I suck at managing the time I have. On the top of that list: updating my training log, reviewing my goals, and writing that super-thoughtful post I mentioned earlier. 

Working On: The aftermath of going out of town and coming back to dive right back into your "two jobs and training and life" life. 

Reading: To keep it simple, I'm just showing you what is on my Goodreads "Currently Reading" shelf. I need variety based on my where or when I'm reading and my mindset. So far, loving everything on this list. 

Listening To: My DVR backlog. First it was the most recent episode of "The Killing Fields" and now it is the most recent episode of "Mom." Allison Janney rocks. 

Craving: A real snow day. Which will not happen unless my office building legit loses power and I can no longer remote access through our VPN. Sigh. 

Hating: Hmm. Hate is a pretty strong word. I would say that I strongly dislike how my brain is handling certain aspects of my training. More details to come. 

Loving: Um. Am I loving something right now? *scans apartment* Oh yeah, our new flooring. As people were moving out we noticed that maintenance was tearing up the carpeting and putting down some kind of hardwood/vinyl thing. Since MS had a long break over the holidays, we asked the leasing office if they would come in and do the same for us, even though we had no plans to move out. They were in and out in a day, and while we still have carpet in the two bedrooms (fine with me), the living room/hallways now have faux wood and it is awesome! I can finally do yoga at home comfortably (and the cat barf is much easier to clean up). 

Anticipating: In case you live under a rock, we are expecting an epic (for this area) snow storm. Jim Cantore is in town, and apparently that means we are totally screwed. YAY SNOW!

Watching: Like my reading, I need variety in my viewing. Aside from my DVR, I've been streaming Breaking Bad (never seen, don't know how it ends, spoil me and I'll hurt you) and Making a Murderer. Yes, I have an opinion on the show, no, I don't think he's innocent. Moving on. 

Promoting: I don't get paid or compensated in any way for any brands or things that I talk about on here, the Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter. I promote my affiliation with Oiselle and Nuun because I use and love their products. And if I have less than glowing feedback for an item, I share that too. I also love Zensah and my coach, Kyle

Avoiding: Work. Clearly. Since I started this post at 9:39 and it is now 10:54. Heh.