This week was a prime example of how unpredictable running can be. I don't post a lot of the detail here that I share with my coach, but even looking at various factors sometimes a run just stinks. And sometimes it rocks. And you will never know why.  The theme of the week quickly became "one run at a time."

Monday Scheduled: rest and 3 sets of strength
Monday Actual: easy spin to loosen up and 3 sets of strength

Tuesday Scheduled: regular warmup, EZ 6 miles w 10x.25 moderate effort strides throughout
Tuesday Actual: regular warmup, run as scheduled
Notes: fun run. one of those that felt easy and enjoyable. never get tired of those. 

I think runners should be able to use their feet for these anyways...

I think runners should be able to use their feet for these anyways...

Wednesday Scheduled: regular warmup, EZ 3 miles, regular strength
Wednesday Actual: regular warmup, EZ 3 miles, regular strength
Notes: one of those runs that did not feel easy at all. never fails to amuse me how different a run can be from one day to the next.

Thursday Scheduled: regular warmup, EZ 5 miles, cannonball
Thursday Actual: PT appt, regular warmup, EZ 5 miles
Notes: another not easy EZ run. using muscles that aren't getting used as they should be (yay!) makes you sore faster (boo)

Friday Scheduled: rest, 3 sets of strength
Friday Actual: rest, 3 sets of strength

Saturday Scheduled: regular warmup, EZ 12 miles
Saturday Actual: regular warmup, EZ 12 miles
Notes: despite the SNOW, this went pretty damn well. shockingly well.

Yeah. Spring. Sure.

Yeah. Spring. Sure.

Sunday Scheduled: rest, 3 sets of strength
Sunday Actual: rest, bumped strength to Monday morning

Mileage total: 26 (planned) 26 (actual)

Another solid week done, with...13 days to go. EEEEEEEEEK.